OmniCore Designs Multi Down Hooded Rectangular Sleeping Bag (-10F Blue / 10F Red / 30F Yellow) with 4pt. Compression Stuff Sack

Technical Comfort: OmniCore Designs wanted to design a truly great sleeping bag. A bag not utilizing all of it’s technical features for the singular focus of weight reduction but one equally obsessed with comfort. The M-3D line of sleeping bags is our first foray into the world of Technical Comfort.

The M-3D Sleeping Bag is powered by our innovative Multi-Down technology. We’ve used our proprietary Stratusloft in the outermost top and bottom layers to maximize warmth insulating performance in wet conditions. In the layer closest to your body, we’ve utilized the amazing heat trapping ability of the all-natural 650-Fill-Power Down.

Another key feature designed just for you is 3-D Box Design. The 3D Box Construction allows you to move throughout the night while ensuring the Insulation can keep you warm. Stuffing a 3-dimensional object (humans) into a 2-dimensional structure (most sleeping bags) will cause area’s of the insulation to become too compressed, minimizing it’s ability to work effectively. By adding 6″ sidewalls along the entire bag we’ve mimic’d the 3D structure that works so well in down clusters, allowing the insulation the necessary room to work it’s magic!

The 75 Denier DWR-treated Polyester Ripstop repel water when a rainstorm or the morning dew strikes. A zipper on each side of the bag makes escape easy for either of you, and the built-in pillow pocket lets you stuff a fleece in there in case one of you forget your pillow.




Side Storage

Sleeping Pad

3 Section Bottom Storage

Storage, Storage, Storage: the 3-section zippered storage on the bottom of the bag allows you to stay organized throughout your trip. Keep your essentials tucked away and out of site.

Comfy Hood with Pillow Pocket

Sleeping bag hood: A hood offers added warmth, especially when cinched tightly around your head.

Pillow pocket: The “pillow pocket” that allows you to stuff clothes or a camp pillow (We Recommend the OmniCore PILLANKET pictured here) to enhance your nights sleep!

Stash Pocket

Stash pocket: located on the sidewall near the top of the bag, this is handy for keeping small items, such as a phone, watch or any valuables, close at hand

Stay On your Sleeping Pad all Night!

Sleeping pad compatibility: We’ve kept the underside insulation on our bags so you will stay warm with or without a sleeping pad. BUT our pad loops and center straps keep you on your sleeping pad all night



Did You Know: How you store your sleeping bag when not in use will go a long way in determining whether or not your sleeping continues to perform!

Why? Whether your sleeping bag is down, synthetic or something truly amazing like the multi-down insulation found in our flagship M-3D line – all insulation (or loft) all works on the same principle: they trap air to keep you warm. For loft to work well, it needs to do just that – stay “lofty”

Here’s how to extend the life of your sleeping bag!

  • Step 1: Extract it from its stuff sack
  • Step 2: Dry it thoroughly
  • Step 3: Loosely stow it inside the extra-large poly mesh storage sack
  • Step 4: Find a humidity- and temperature-controlled location

Extend the life of your sleeping bag


When to use the COMPRESSION STUFF SACK: Compression stuff sacks are great when minimizing space is a premium! Below are the three easy steps to help you minimize the space needed

  • Step 1: lay the bag flat and “push” out the air pockets inside the bag
  • Step 2: Stuff it, don’t roll it! Stuff the sleeping bag inside – we recommend starting from the bottom
  • Step 3: COMPRESSION! Use built-in straps to compress it even more



  • TRUE SPECS: we use independent 3rd party testing labs to validate the -23.3℃ to 0℃ temperature range conforms to the European Standard (EN13537). Each temperature rating has a corresponding color lining: -10F Blue, 10F Red, 30F Yellow
  • INNOVATIVE WARMTH: Using a Mulit-Down Insulation combines the benefits of 650-Fill-Power-Duck Down strategically layered with our proprietary StratusLoft fill
  • SHAPE MATTERS: our 3D Box Construction allows you and your love ones to move throughout the night while ensuring the Insulation can keep you warm. The hooded mummy design keeps your head warm by trapping heat trying to escape from your head
  • ULTRA DURABLE & WEATHER RESISTANT: 75-denier Diamond Ripstop (DWR) Shell keeps you dry
  • SLEEP COMFORTABLY: Pillow Pocket allows you to stuff clothes or keeps the camp pillow (sold separately) in place while the Sleeping Pad Sleeve is designed to keep you from rolling off your pad(s)


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