Leegol Outdoor Adventure Gear Rock Tumbler 5LB Vibratory Polishing Machine



Brand: Leegol Electric


  • Electrical Input: 120V/60Hz/0.5A Barrel Capacity: 5LBs
  • Packaging List: Includes tumbler, 3lbs of walnut shell media, and instructions.
  • Professional Features: This high-quality tumbler has a powerful motor, the design allows it to run for days at a time to ensure a smooth finish!
  • Perfect Rock Tumbler: Easy to use, to polish rocks or metal parts, simply add a media and let the self-rotating tumbler do all the work for you.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: With a manufacturer lifetime warranty you can be sure you will get a quality gift.If you get a poor rock tumbler,contact with us,we will supply a new one.

EAN: 6743476902983