Metal Dectectors

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What is common among treasure parks, amusement parks, and airports? Yes, you guessed right.  They all exercise safety precautions through the use of metal detectors.  However, you left out the most exciting aspect of metal detectors– relic treasure hunting!   Yes, here at, we provide a variety of metal detecting equipment to help you find ancient items hidden anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for relics from the second world war or coins from ancient Egypt, there is a new world out there waiting to be explored with your new metal detector.

What to Look for:  The fact that you can not see beneath the surface means that you will have to invest in a good metal detector to discover hidden treasure.  These are crucial factors that you should keep an eye on.

  • Depth and Range:  Keep in mind that long-range capability on metal detectors coils translates to more ground covered during relic hunting.  So, the deeper the range, your metal detector has the better chance you will have in locating that long lost coin or small trinket.  Whatever it may be, the excitement of a find will have you giddy with anticipation.
  • Accuracy:  Metal detectors should exclusively differentiate metal from any other stuff lying underground.  Iron may be stuck inside a rock, and your equipment should be able to distinguish it from valuable coins or metal precisely.
  • Tone ID and Target ID:  Metal detectors have target IDs that help you understand what you have discovered.  Target IDs have a scale that ranges from 1-99.  They are also equipped with a beeping sound that connects it to a target ID number that shows up on the screen, and valuable material like gold will fall under a particular range. 
  • Portability:  Our website offers easy-to-carry metal detectors that will enhance and balance your grip when going about your relic treasure hunting adventure.

All in all, you should look-out for metal detectors that give you ample ground coverage and balance control.  This will help you pinpoint more easily valuable minerals.

What Kind of Relics Can You Locate:  The fact that you can never guess what valuable metal you will come across next makes relic treasure hunting such an enriching experience.  There’s no limit to what you can discover with our metal detectors.  You might come across a piece of archaic rail metal or a knuckle from an ancient Civil War soldier’s belt.

Even more exciting is the fact that you can indulge in relic treasure hunting anywhere across the world.  Relics are not just confined to museums or battlefields.  Far from it, campsites can be a relic-endowed location too! The best way to intensify your relic treasure hunt would be to first lookup historic sites or cities and later embark on the journey with a target area in mind.

Top Rated Metal Detectors:  

  1. Minelab Equinox 800 – Metal detectors don’t get any better than the Equinox 800.  It is equipped with everything you need to make your treasure hunting adventure a success. The beast has five distinct frequencies, meaning you can tune it to any frequency between 5kHz to 40kHz.  The machine also boasts a large coil that gives you ample options for sensitivity and depth.  If that’s not enticing enough, Minelab Equinox 800 is fully waterproof, which means you can maneuver great water depths with ease.  This metal detector is enabled with a magnetic chord that protects your machine from damage if you yank on the cord.
  2. Garet Ace 300 – If you’re looking for a metal detector that’s within budget and won’t compromise on quality, this machine is suitable for you.  Primarily, it is an excellent option if you are an entry-level treasure hunter who’s learning the basics.  It has a respectable frequency of 8kHz, which is good enough when locating coins and metals that aren’t buried too deep.  You can seamlessly tune it into the mode that best suits your search; zero-discrimination, custom, relics, jewelry, and coins.  Additionally, you can utilize its tiny coil to pinpoint small objects and comes in handy with a set of affordable headphones to listen to any tone.

Relic treasure hunting can be a lucrative and fun hobby if you have the right equipment for your expeditions.  Explore our wide variety of metal detectors today and SAVE AN EXTRA 10% plus free shipping when you use code:  treasure-hunt at checkout! Hurry now while supplies last!