Rock Tumblers

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By definition, a rock tumbler is a machine used to shape, smooth, and polish rocks. 

I like to think of them as mechanized mother-nature machines. Not just a machine, but a time machine! What takes mother nature to do in maybe decades, centuries or a millennium a rock tumbler can do in weeks.

As an operator of a small scale industrial rock tumbling operation in Southern California. My most favorite part of the rock tumbling process is the reveal of the stones between stages, most of the time there are four.  To see  steps for this process see: Stage Process:                         

I cannot stress the importance of what I’m going to say right now. (Not realizing, caring, or just don’t have the time right now) will only bring you failure, frustration and can be financially frightening. Ok, enough messing around. When first learning or tumbling an unknown type of stone, check there progress every couple of days until your desired finish is achieved. Now it’s time to dump, clean, and recharge your rock tumbler or rock tumblers. You must make sure not to cross-contaminate. Stones must be rinsed, washed, and scrubbed if needed. If using a single drum rock tumbler for multiple stages, they must be clean. When you think its clean, make sure grit is not embedded into plastic, rubber or metal drums, o-ring seals, or any other part that comes in contact with your stones. It takes a small amount of the heavier grit to ruin the outcome of your next stage and ultimately having to repeat the process all over again. The early days (rock polishing) were a steep learning curve. Many weeks were wasted before it was realized ‘cross-contamination’ was the failure of one of the stages of our process. Behind a portion of the rubber liner of one of our drums was a significant size void, which was a great storage spot for about two cups of grit. You can see where this went. “Clean Clean Clean” and don’t use the kitchen sink. Believe me, you don’t want to deal with a slurry clog, they are worse than the Klingons!

Oh yeah! My favorite part, I almost forgot! Well, I’m the type of guy that’s curious about most things, so during the wash down in between stages is an adventure for me. Oh, I might have forgotten, the rock tumblers I work with hold between 12 and 14 hundred pounds. Yes, 1,200 to 1,400 pounds. The material we most prominently process is banded Rhyolite.  If you want to learn more about Rhyolite go here:

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